Aluminium Jugs Red

The Aluminium Jugs Red are perfect to serve water, wine, retsina or other drinks. The Aluminium Jugs Red add traditional character to the serving at home, in cafes, taverns, traditional hostels or hotels. They are perfect serving pitchers, great for professional tableware equipment, restaurant equipment, hotel equipment, coffee equipment and catering equipment.

In our shop, you can find a wide range of Aluminium Jugs Red, in different sizes and colors, to choose that suits your needs. We have available Aluminium Jugs Red Red, Aluminium Jugs Red Red, Aluminium Jugs Red Blue and Aluminium Jugs Red Gold. Choose among the Aluminium Jugs Red 1.1 liters, 1.8 liters, 2.7 liters or 3.8 liters.

The Aluminium Jugs Red are made in Greece, of 100% pure aluminium. They are appropriate for contact with food and have all the necessary certificates and ISO. The Aluminium Jugs Red have traditional design, are entirely handmade and anodized. Anodizing is a process whereby the surface of the metal becomes more resistant to corrosion and hard weather conditions, e.g. high humidity and bright sunshine. It is also, a great way to paint aluminum objects. The Aluminium Jugs Red thanks to anodizing, do not erode and will last for a lifetime. Therefore, the Aluminium Jugs Red are suitable for both domestic and professional use, as well as decorative items.

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