Aluminium Lids

Aluminium Lids with Silver Handles

Aluminium Lids with Gold Handles

Aluminium Lids for TT Pots

The Aluminium Lids had designed to fit perfect to aluminium pots, aluminium round baking pans and aluminum marmites. Also fit to aluminium pots professional, aluminium pots professional hammered, aluminium round baking pans professional, aluminium round baking pans professional hammered, aluminium marmites professional and aluminium marmites professional hammered. The Aluminium Lids are perfect to cook in your favorite aluminium cookware, your favorite food, quick and easy.

In our shop, you can find a wide range of Aluminium Lids, in different sizes, to choose that suit your needs. We have available Aluminium Lids with Silver Handles as well as Aluminium Lids with Gold Handles. The Aluminium Lids are made in Greece, entirely of pure aluminium. They are appropriate for contact with food and have all the necessary certificates and ISO. The Aluminium Lids are one-piece construction, i.e. seamless without welds. Also, the handles are riveted in the main body, so they will never break down. The Aluminium Lids have rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant and lasts forever. They are suitable for use in restaurants, pizzeria, bakeries, hotels, catering and every eating establishment.

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