Ice Cream Containers Aluminium

Ice Cream Container Aluminium No1

SM0114, Ice Cream Container Aluminium No1, Excellent Quality, Made of Clear Aluminium, With Lid, Lightweight & Practical, Appropriate for Contact with Food, Perfect for Ice Creams, Suitable for Domestic and Professional Use. 

Product Details...

The Ice Cream Containers Aluminium are perfect to chill ice creams, jellies, chocolate spreads, fruit jams, tahini, sesame paste or any food that needs low maintenance temperatures or freezer. You can place them either in the fridge or in the refrigerator. The Ice Cream Containers Aluminium is made of aluminium which is a good temperature conductor. The aluminum containers, unlike the plastic containers, cool and freeze its contents much faster. They also maintain its temperature for more time during serving. The Ice Cream Containers Aluminium are aluminium containers with lid, which can be used like any food containers to store any food you want. The lid does not seal tightly as in food containers, and is mainly to protect the contents from dust, but also to allow to put one container over another to save space.

In our shop you can find a wide range of Ice Cream Containers Aluminium, in different sizes to choose that suits your needs. The Ice Cream Containers Aluminium No1 is made in Greece, entirely of clear aluminium. They are appropriate for contact with food and have all the necessary certificates and ISO. The Ice Cream Containers Aluminium No1 have rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant and lasts forever! They are suitable for both domestic and professional use.