Cleavers Stainless Steel Chinese

Cleaver Stainless Steel Chinese No1 20 cm

16.90 €
4.10 €
21.00 €
BL0079, Cleaver Stainless Steel Chinese No1 20 cm, Low-priced Choice, Made of Stainless Steel, Appropriate for Contact with Food, Perfect to Slice Meat, Ideal to Break Bones or Gristle. 

Product Details...

The Cleavers Stainless Steel Chinese are perfect to cut meat as well as to break bones and cartilage. They are economical options and cannot be compared either with the excellent Cleavers Stainless Steel ICEL or the Black Steel Cleavers made in Greece.

In our shop you can find a wide range of Cleavers Stainless Steel Chinese, in different shapes, different blade size and different handle color. Choose the Cleavers Stainless Steel Chinese, that suits your needs.

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