Cleavers Steel - Misotsatira

Cleaver Steel No1 18 cm

17.60 €
4.20 €
21.80 €
PS0017, Cleaver Steel No1 18 cm, Excellent Quality, Made of Stainless Steel, Appropriate for Contact with Food, Perfect to Slice Meat, Ideal for Breaking Bones & Cartilage, Suitable for Domestic & Professional Use. 

Product Details...

The Cleavers Steel - Misotsatira are perfect to cut meat as well as to break bones and cartilage. They are ideal for butcher’s shop, homes or restaurants. The Cleavers Steel - Misotsatira are designed to cut with a swift stroke without cracking, splintering or bending the blades. The Cleavers Steel - Misotsatira are also known as Butcher Knives, Kitchen Knives, Meat Choppers or Meat Hatchets. However, whatever you call them, we have them!

In our shop you can find a wide range of Cleavers Steel - Misotsatira, in different blade size to choose that suits your needs. All the Cleavers Steel - Misotsatira we have, are of excellent quality and of high durability. And that is the reason that they are suitable for both home and professional use.

The Cleavers Steel - Misotsatira are made in Greece by a collaborator craftsman that is specializing in cleaver knives, butchery items and sheep scissors. The construction is entirely handmade and is done with great care to all stages of the assembly. Also they are suitable for contact with food. The blades (knives) are of high-quality steel and have been heat-treated to obtain the best hardness. The handle are of high quality polypropylene that is a primary industrial material from certified international industries, in order to be antimicrobial, non-slip in use and have ergonomic grip. For the best maintenance of the Steel Cleavers, we recommend after each use good cleaning and drying as well as slight greasing with edible oil to avoid rust.

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