Sheep Shears

Ψαλίδι για Πρόβατα

26.60 €
6.40 €
33.00 €
PS0003, Ψαλίδι για Πρόβατα, Άριστη Ποιότητα, Κοφτερό, Δεν Σκουριάζει, Εργονομική Λαβή, Ξεκούραστο, Χειροποίητο. 

Product Details...

The Sheep Shears we supply, are of excellent quality. The Sheep Shears are the main tool for farmers during the shearing of flocks.

The Sheep Shears have blades that provide clean and durable cutting, while their ergonomic design offers handleability.

The Sheep Shears are ideal for sheep shearing, for gardens and for every use.

The Sheep Shears we have will last for a lifetime!