Copper Jugs for Salep

Σκεύος για Σαλέπι 8.5 λίτρων

266.10 €
63.90 €
330.00 €
KB0256, Σκεύος για Σαλέπι 8.5 λίτρων, Γανωμένο μέσα έξω, Άριστης Ποιότητας, Αθάνατη Κατασκευή, Χειροποίητο. 

Product Details...

All the Copper Jugs for Salep we supply are of excellent quality. They combine functionality with tradition, perfectly.

The Copper Jugs for Salep that you will find in our shop are available in different sizes. They are all bronze and galvanized, in and out. That is the reason that they are suitable for contact with food. All the Copper Jugs for Salep we suggest are handmade and suitable both for domestic and for professional use.

The Copper Jugs for Salep are ideal to make traditional Salep. The traditional Salep is a herb tea from the bulbs of wild orchids (Orchis mascula). Salep is a hot beverage, ideal to prevent colds and flues and is an excellent balm for stomach. You can serve it with honey or sugar, cinnamon and ginger. The Copper Jugs for Salep help you to prepare your salep, quick and easy.

All the Copper Jugs for Salep we have will last for a lifetime.

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