Copper Oil Lamps

The Copper Oil Lamps are perfect to light up a room, a balcony or a garden. The Copper Oil Lamps are ideal for lighting your home in a power failure or creating a romantic atmosphere. Also, the Copper Oil Lamps can be used as a decorative touch, giving a classy and a vintage style. All of the Copper Oil Lamps that we have, they have mechanism and glass chimney. So, this lamps has long duration and excellent brightness. All other lamps in markets have Chinese mechanism and Chinese glass chimney.

The Copper Oil Lamps combine perfectly the utility with the beauty and the tradition. The Copper Oil Lamps are of excellent quality, reliable and easy to use. The Copper Oil Lamps are perfect both for indoor and outdoor use.

In our shop you can find a wide range of Copper Oil Lamps in different sizes and styles. Choose those that suits your needs and your personal style. The Copper Oil Lamps can be tabletop or wall-mounted, with carvings or not, and only upon request with antique (vintage) finish. Also, we can provide you with a wide range of Spare Parts that you may need such as Oil Lamp Burner, Glass Oil Lamp or Oil Lamp Wicks.

The Copper Oil Lamps can also be the centerpiece or part of the interior decoration of traditional cafes, coffee houses, pensions, hostels, guest houses or hotels that want to combine the traditional atmosphere with elegance and simple luxury.

Care Tips for Copper and Brass Products

  • Wash the copper or the brass items, before the first use, with detergents and water. Then, rinse and dry with a soft cotton cloth.
  • In order to bring back the initial polishing use the traditional solution. Damp a cloth in a solution of vinegar and salt or lemon and rub the copper item. Alternatively you can buy a special cleaner for copper and brass items.
  • One more magical way to bring back the initial polishing in copper and brass items is to immerse them for 2-3 seconds in solution that you have already prepared inside a container with citric acid sour salt. Firstly, fill with water a container in which the copper or the brass utensil can be fitted. Drop a big or small spoon of citric acid sour salt depending on the amount of the water and then immerse the copper or the brass utensil inside the water. Remove it and magically the polishing is back, no matter how much blurry or how many black spots the utensil had.
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