Copper Toothpicks Holders

Copper Toothpicks Holder

5.20 €
1.30 €
6.50 €
KB0406, Copper Toothpicks Holder, Excellent Quality, Handmade, 100% pure Copper, Tabletop, Ideal for Toothpicks. 

Product Details...

The Copper Toothpicks Holders are ideal for keeping neatly your Toothpicks on the table or the kitchen countertop. The Copper Toothpicks Holders are made in Greece, of 100% pure copper and are entirely handcrafted.

The Copper Toothpicks Holders combine perfectly tradition, beauty and functionality. Timeless design complements any home or kitchen decor. The Copper Toothpicks Holders thanks to the excellent quality construction can be used both for home and professional use.

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