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Plastic Rake No4

Plastic Rake No4
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Plastic Rake No4 EM0004

Made in Greece

The Plastic Rake No4 is a perfect rake from durable plastic to help you collect garbage, dirt, leaves in your garden but also it can help you collect manure. The Plastic Rake No4 is a necessary tool for collecting and raking leaves, grass and any other garbage that can exist in your garden or on your sidewalk. Another important work that you can do easier with the Plastic Rake No4 is the collecting of fruits which have fallen from trees in order to use these fruits for juices and compote. It has sixteen tines on the one side and thirty two tines on the other side which will noway break. Very strong tines which help you finish fast, easily and practically your chores in the garden and generally outside your home. Because of the excellent durability that it offers, you can pull out roots of trees with its tines.

The Plastic Rake No4 is very light and will make the daily care of your garden a piece of cake. Very light, it will not burden you with extra weight. The most ideal choice to tidy up, clean and use at home, at your farm and at your balcony.

The Plastic Rake No4 is constructed with attention to detail, as the tines are all of the same size and with a same distance between them. Plastic of guaranteed quality. It does not break and it does not bend. Excellent quality. The Plastic Rake No4 will be the perfect tool which you will have for life.

  • Excellent Quality Rake.
  • The Most Ideal Tool to Collect Leaves, Dirt, Manure, Garbage Fruit and Even for Pulling Out Big Roots of Trees.
  • Excellent for Daily Care and Cleaning of Your Outer Space.
  • You Can Use It as Many Times as You Prefer with No Fear Because It Is Guaranteed that It Will Not Break and It Is Durable.
  • Suitable for Sidewalks, Collecting Garbage and Leaves.
  • Made of Durable Plastic that Does Not Wear Out.
  • With Sixteen Tines Which Do Not Break.

  • Length: 74.5 cm
  • Width without the Hole of the Shaft: 7 cm
  • Total Width with Hole of the Shaft: 19 cm
  • Diameter of the Hole for Shaft: 3.2 cm
  • Height without Upper Tines: 10 cm
  • Total Height: 14 cm
  • Length of the Upper Tines: 4 cm
  • Length of the Lower Tines: 9 cm
  • Thickness of the Front Tines: 10 mm
  • Thickness of the Back Tines: 10.3 mm
  • Weight: 485 gr

The Product is Available. You can read in details the Cost of Transportation, as well as the Methods of Shipping and Payment, here.

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