Wooden Gklitses or Klitses

Wooden Gklitses Collection 2

The Wooden Gklitses or Klitses that we have are made from excellent quality wood and from different kinds of wood. They are traditional items and they are used by herdsmen and by old people. They are items of great traditional value which will offer you memories from your favorite people. They are the support of herdsmen during their climbing up or down a hillside and also a support for old people.

The stick of Gklitsa is traditionally made of dogwood or olive wood because of their durability and because of their hard quality and the head of the Gklitsa can be made of dogwood, olive wood, cherry wood, plane wood, beech wood or walnut wood. They are always decorated with intricate or hand-carved designs of animal forms like snakes, goats, horses or dogs. Today you can find Gklitses made of several kinds of wood, metal, as well as hard plastic.

In our shop we have handmade gklitses with stick from dogwood, and heads for shepherd's crooks of many kinds of wood such as olive wood, plane wood, cherry wood, walnut wood and beech wood. The heads of Gklitses are carved by hand by experienced craftsmen and they have beautiful designs such as rams, horses, snakes, dragons and pyrography. Also we have handmade metallic and bronze gklitses in different designs and sizes. In case you are looking for something more modern we offer gklitses with a plastic head and a convenient grip.

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