Oil Lamps Luna

Oil Lamp Luna

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MR0123, Oil Lamp Luna, Excellent quality, Famous Czech Glass, Ideal for cemeteries, Perfect for cafeterias and restaurant decoration, Use clear Paraffin Oil or Kerosene. 

Product Details...

The Oil Lamps Luna we suggest, are of excellent quality. The Oil Lamps Luna combine the tradition with the utility.

The Oil Lamps Luna can be used to light up your balcony or your garden, creating a romantic atmosphere. The Oil Lamps Luna are perfect to light your home in a power failure. Also, the Oil Lamps Luna can be used as a decorative touch, giving a vintage style in your room!

You can easily transform them to electric.

Their glass chimneys are very bright and have been manufactured by the famous Czech glass.

In our shop you can find Oil Lamps Luna and also a wide range of Spare Parts that you may need such as Oil Lamp Burner, Glass Chimneys or Wicks.

The Oil Lamps Luna are reliable and easy to use. The Oil Lamps Luna are the smallest Mars Oil Lamp and are mostly used as a restrained light in cemeteries. Also can be used to decorate cafeterias and restaurants diffusing a warm light, friendly to the eye. The Oil Lamps Luna are perfect both for indoor and outdoor use.

The Oil Lamps Luna we provide, will accompany you for a lifetime!

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