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Pin IM0124

Made in Europe

The Pin is the accessory that hold the Mixer Shaft in the right place. The Pin is made of stainless steel, appropriate for contact with food and is designed for the Pasta Machine Chef in Casa. It is rust-resistant, do not break and you will have it for a lifetime. The Pin is excellent for both home and professional use.

  • Excellent Quality.
  • Made of Stainless Steel.
  • Holds the Mixer Shaft.
  • Designed for the Pasta Machine Chef in Casa.
  • Appropriate for Contact with Food.
  • Suitable for Home & Professional Use.

  • Length: 6.2 cm.
  • Diameter: 4 cm.
  • Weight: 80 gr.

The Product is Available. You can read in details the Cost of Transportation, as well as the Methods of Shipping and Payment, here.

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