Glass Washer Manual

Glass Washer Manual Grey

19.00 €
4.50 €
23.50 €
SM0318, Glass Washer Manual Grey , Excellent Quality, With Brushes, Perfect to Clean Glasses, Excellent for Home and Professional Use. 

Product Details...

The Glass Washers Manual are perfect to both soap and clean glasses, quick and easy. Inside have many nylon brushes. Put the Glass Washers Manual inside the sink, fill it with water and detergent, put the glass in, twist it and then rinse it thoroughly. This way the glass cleans in and out in one swift motion.

In our shop you can find a wide range of Glass Washers Manual, to choose that suits your needs. We have available Glass Washers Manual in many colors, sizes and with bases with or without suction cups. They are appropriate for use in homes, cafes, bars, taverns, restaurants or hotels. The Glass Washers Manual ar suitable for both domestic and professional use.

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