Milk Strainers Metallic

Milk Strainers Galvanized

Milk Strainers Stainless Steel

The Milk Strainers Metallic are ideal strainers for milk after milking and perfect for the first draining of milk. The Milk Strainers Metallic made in Greece, are handmade and do not rust.

The Milk Strainers Metallic are indispensable tools for stock-farmers, cheese makers, dairy farmers, but also for those who work avocational or professionally with the collection and processing of milk. The Milk Strainers Metallic are ideal for both domestic and professional use.

In the category Milk Strainers Metallic you can find Milk Strainers Galvanized and Milk Strainers Stainless Steel in different sizes to choose the dimensions that suits your needs. The Milk Strainers Stainless Steel are made of stainless steel therefore they are more suitable for contact with food and of course they are not deteriorate over time.

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