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Round Metal Griddle No52

Round Metal Griddle No52
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Round Metal Griddle No52 KZ0017

Made in Greece

The Round Metal Griddle No52 is a thin baking sheet, ideal for baking on fire. It is perfect to griddle dough sheets, crepes, pancakes, omelets and anything else you want, quick and easy. The Round Metal Griddle No52 is also known as Metal Baking Sheet, Saci or Satsi. However, whatever you call it, we have it!

The Round Metal Griddle No52 is made in Greece, of metal and it is entirely handmade. It can withstand high temperatures and has two handles for ease of use. The Round Metal Griddle No52 is perfect to bake in a traditional oven, in a wood-fired oven, in a built-in oven, in a fireplace or over an open fire. It can be placed either directly on the fire or on a trivet. The Round Metal Griddle No52 is suitable both for domestic and for professional use.

Before the first use, we recommend you to wash thoroughly the Round Metal Griddle No52 with a mild dish detergent, wipe it and dry it thoroughly. Lubricate it very well on all sides with edible oil and place it on the fire to burn well and evaporate the oil. Repeat lubricate and burning again. It is also advisable to clean the Round Metal Griddle No52 after each use with a damp cloth, dry it thoroughly, lubricate and store it in a plastic bag in a humidity-free place.

  • Made of Metal.
  • Handmade.
  • With 2 Handles.
  • Excellent for Traditional Cooking.
  • Perfect for Bake Dough Sheets, Crepes, Pancakes, Omelets.
  • Ideal for Cooking on the Flame, Camping Fire, Fireplace or Firewood Oven.
  • Appropriate for Domestic and Professional Use.


  • Diameter: 51.5 cm.
  • Depth: 5 cm.
  • Handle’s Height: 6.4 cm.
  • Length with Handles: 54.5 cm.
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm.
  • Weight: 3.510 Kg.

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