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Hopper PlexiGlass No2

Hopper PlexiGlass No2
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Hopper PlexiGlass No2 WD0030

Made in Greece

The Hopper PlexiGlass No2 is perfect to feed the WonderMill, quick and easy. Place it into the hopper of the WonderMill. The Hopper PlexiGlass No2 is made of excellent quality plexiglass and it is appropriate for contact with food. You can wash it with hot water and soapy.

  • Excellent Quality.
  • Made of Plexiglass.
  • Perfect to Feed the WonderMill.
  • Appropriate for Contact with Food.


  • Diameter of Bowl Outer: 26.3 cm.
  • Diameter of Bowl Inner: 24 cm.
  • Diameter of Tube Outer: 9.9 cm.
  • Diameter of Tube Inner: 9 cm.
  • Depth of Bowl: 12.2 cm.
  • Height of Tube: 17 cm.
  • Total Height: 29.2 cm.
  • Weight: 375 gr.

The Product is Available. You can read in details the Cost of Transportation, as well as the Methods of Shipping and Payment, here.

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