Wooden Flasks

The Wooden Flasks are traditional, wooden pots that keep water or wine cool. The Wooden Flasks are perfect to transfer, drink or serve water or wine. Also, they can be used as Wooden Decorative Items. The Wooden Flasks can combine perfectly the tradition, the beauty and the usability.

In our shop you can find a wide range of Wooden Flasks in different shapes and capacities. The Wooden Flasks are made in Greece, of pine wood and are appropriate for contact with food. They are entirely handmade and they are suitable for everyday use. The Wooden Flasks have feet at their bases so that they can standing. The Wooden Flasks have two spouts. This means that they have a spout for filling or draining as well as a hole to let in air and facilitate the flow of water or wine. The two spouts have wooden caps, which are tied with leather straps, so as not to get lost. The Wooden Flasks have leather straps for easy hanging over the shoulder. The Wooden Flasks will last for a lifetime.