Wooden Home Altars

Wooden Home Altar Straight

NS0043, Wooden Home Altar Straight, Excellent Quality, Made of Beech Wood, Handmade, Wall-Mounted, Door with Glass, Perfect for Religious Icons & Candles, Ideal for Domestic Use. 

Product Details...

The Wooden Home Altars are hanging, wooden containers, perfect to place religious icons and candles. They are ideal for creating prayer corners in your place. The Wooden Home Altars are made in Greece, of beech wood and they are entirely handmade. They are wall-mounted and have engraved wooden doors with glass. At the top of the door is a removable wooden cross.

In our shop, you can find a wide range of Wooden Home Altars. We have available Wooden Home Altars Straight as well as Wooden Home Altars Corner, to select the appropriate one depending on the wall spot you want to hang. The Wooden Home Altars are of excellent quality and will last for a lifetime.

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