Wooden Serving Boards

Wooden Serving Board 30 cm

10.30 €
2.50 €
12.80 €
KO0026, Wooden Serving Board 30 cm, Excellent Quality, Made of Beech Wood, Handmade, Appropriate for Contact with Food, Perfect to Serve Pizza, Burger, Snacks, Paff Pastry, Meat, Cold Meat, Cheese, Vegetables or Fruits, Suitable for Home & Professional Use. 

Product Details...

The Wooden Serving Boards are widespread as Pizza Boards, Round Pizza Peels, however, we call them Wooden Serving Boards because they are ideal for serving everything you want. Basically, they are traditional, round, wooden, dough rolling boards with handle. The Wooden Serving Boards are perfect to serve pizza, burger, meat, paff pastry, snaks, cold meat, cheeses, vegetables, fruits or anything you want. Also, they can be used as small dough rolling boards, for rolling out dough as well as kitchen decorative items.

The Wooden Serving Boards are made in Greece, entirely handcrafted of high quality, one-piece, pure, pine wood, suitable for contact with food. The pinewood is the most suitable wood for serving boards and dough boards, because it neither contracts nor expands, as result the connections, neither pop or open, even after many years of use. The Wooden Serving Boards have wooden handles with hole, for easy transfer and wall-hanging. Also, they have two wooden bars, 2 cm height at the bottom, for greater stability. Theirs construction are excellent and durable, by a skilled craftsman and will last for a lifetime. The Wooden Serving Boards are ideal for both domestic and professional use.

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