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Copper Wine Cooler with a Divider

Copper Wine Cooler with a Divider
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Σαμπανιέρα Χάλκινη με Χώρισμα Απεικόνιση ΠρώτηΣαμπανιέρα Χάλκινη με Χώρισμα Απεικόνιση ΔεύτερηΣαμπανιέρα Χάλκινη με Χώρισμα Απεικόνιση ΤρίτηΣαμπανιέρα Χάλκινη με Χώρισμα Απεικόνιση ΤέταρτηΣαμπανιέρα Χάλκινη με Χώρισμα Απεικόνιση ΠέμπτηΣαμπανιέρα Χάλκινη με Χώρισμα Απεικόνιση ΈκτηΣαμπανιέρα Χάλκινη με Χώρισμα Απεικόνιση ΈβδομηΣαμπανιέρα Χάλκινη με Χώρισμα Απεικόνιση ΌγδοηΣαμπανιέρα Χάλκινη με Χώρισμα Απεικόνιση ΈνατηΣαμπανιέρα Χάλκινη με Χώρισμα Απεικόνιση ΔέκατηΣαμπανιέρα Χάλκινη με Χώρισμα Απεικόνιση ΕνδέκατηΣαμπανιέρα Χάλκινη με Χώρισμα Απεικόνιση Δωδέκατη

Copper Wine Cooler with a Divider KT0104

Made in Greece

The Copper Wine Cooler with a Divider is perfect to put your bottles and keep them cold. It has a divider so that it is easier to separate you bottles. There is enough available space to put ice and the bottles. The Copper Wine Cooler with a Divider is the ideal choice to serve your bottles. It will help you serve whatever you prefer and impress your guests with its appearance. Its traditional but at the same time impressive design gives you the opportunity to use it in your professional space such as in traditional cafes.

The Copper Wine Cooler with a Divider will help you transfer the bottles easily. You can decorate your table adding luxury to your space. You will impress your guests. The divider will give you the opportunity to separate the bottles in order to see them clearly and not squeeze them too close to each other. There is enough available space for as much ice as you wish. The divider is detachable, it can be removed depending on your needs and desires.

The Copper Wine Cooler with a Divider is durable in time and use. It is made of pure copper so it does not wear out and is always maintained in its original color and design. Of guaranteed quality and excellent appearance. The Copper Wine Cooler with a Divider is very spacious and you can definitely place more than two bottles and ice. It is handmade and suitable for contact with food. We recommend washing by hand with a soft sponge so that it retains its color more easily. Do not use wire as there is a possibility of damage to its surface. After use, wipe it well with a dry cloth so that it does not have any moisture on it before storing it. If you use it for decoration it will be good to clean it as often as possible. Below you will find some small tips for your convenience in the care of copper items.

  • Excellent Quality.
  • Ideal for Serving.
  • Very Appealing.
  • Unique.
  • Spacious.
  • With A Divider.
  • Copper.
  • Handmade.
  • Suitable for Contact with Food.
  • Durable.
  • For Home and Professional Use.

  • Length: 48 cm
  • Width: 25 cm
  • Height in the Edges: 20 cm
  • Height in the Middle:
  • Height of Divider: 16 cm
  • Length of Divider: 21.5 cm
  • Weight of Divider: 0.370 kg
  • Weight without Divider: 2.120 kg
  • Total Weight: 2.490 kg

Care Tips for Bronze Products

  • Before the first use you should wash well. Before using copper bar items you should wash with dishwashing liquid and water. Then, dry well with a soft cloth.
  • To keep your copper bar items shiny, use the traditional solution and damp a cloth in a vinegar and salt or lemon and salt solution and rub the copper pot. Another exceptional way to bring back the polish in your copper items is to dip them in water to which you have added a spoon of citric acid. Alternatively, you can buy a special cleaning product for copper items

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