American Dehydrators

The American Dehydrators we have are all of a more heavy construction. They are designed to withstand the hardships of a life.

All of them are entirely made of the famous stainless steel of America. Body, door, fans, handles and table are made of American stainless steel, as well. The body of the American Dehydrators is one-piece made out of the same stainless steel sheet.

All the Dehydrators of this line have intelligent operating modes, which can help you to dry anything you want. The dehydrators can dry from fruits and vegetables to pasta, meringues, flowers, clay, meats and fishes. The potential of the dehydrators is unlimited. There is a suitable dehydrator either for big or small quantities, and either for domestic or professional use.

We have all the spare parts for the line of the American Dehydrators available.

In the product details of each American Dehydrator, you can watch the videos that present the dehydrators and how to use them.

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