Glass Cupping Jars

Glass Cupping Jars Set of 6 Pieces

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MF0001, Glass Cupping Jars Set of 6 Pieces, Excellent Quality, Made of Fireproof Glass, Set of 6 Pieces, Recommended for Treating Cold, Flu, Neck or Low Back Pain. 

Product Details...

The Glass Cupping Jars are perfect to use fire inside, both for treating common colds or pains and for body massage. The cupping therapy is an ancient healing method based on the application of heated glass cups to the skin. In Greece they are quite common for treating colds, flu, muscle pain in the neck or low back as well as for relieving of the menstruation pains.

The classic way to apply Glass Cupping Jars is with small or large glass cups that have been heated. Place a cotton ball with alcohol on a fork and set it on fire. Use the flaming fork as a lint and heat the inside of the Glass Cupping Jars. Immediately place them on the skin, usually on the back, and the skin will gently lift into the cups. After leaving them for a few seconds, remove them and then massage the area with alcohol or heat lotion.

In our shop, you can find a wide range of Glass Cupping Jars. They are made of fireproof glass. The Glass Cupping Jars we have, are of excellent quality and you will have them for a longtime use.

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