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Motor Pastadrive

Motor Pastadrive
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Μοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση ΠρώτηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση ΔεύτερηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση ΤρίτηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση ΤέταρτηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση ΠέμπτηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση ΈκτηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση ΈβδομηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση ΌγδοηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση ΈνατηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση ΔέκατηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση ΕνδέκατηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση ΔωδέκατηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση Δέκατη ΤρίτηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση Δέκατη ΤέταρτηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση Δέκατη ΠέμπτηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση Δέκατη ΈκτηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση Δέκατη ΈβδομηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση Δέκατη ΌγδοηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση Δέκατη ΈνατηΜοτέρ Pastadrive Απεικόνιση Εικοστή

Motor Pastadrive MC0008

Made in Europe

Motor Pastadrive The Motor Pastadrive, from Marcato, is a high quality motor that can attach to the Oat Roller - Grain Flaker Marga Mulino and to the Pasta Machines both Ampia and Atlas line from Marcato, convert them from manual to electrical. The Motor Pastadrive streamline and makes your work easier.

The Motor Pastadrive could be attached and secured, in just three simple steps, to the manual Oat Roller - Grain Flaker Marga Mulino and to the manual Pasta Machines by Ampia and Atlas line, as well.

Motor Pastadrive bayonet fitting The Motor Pastadrive is a strong and sturdy machine, designed to attach easily with a bayonet fitting. The Motor Pastadrive is built with an ergonomic shape, which makes it easy grip and ensures stable operation without requiring any supporting bracket.

The Motor Pastadrive combines perfectly tradition with technology! It makes pasta and cereal flakes, just like your grandmother’s, only quicker and with less effort. It is a functional and clever accessory that gives you a head start in the kitchen.

Machines that attached to the Motor Pastadrive

In brief, the Motor Pastadrive:

  • is perfect fot the Oat Roller - Grain Flaker Marga Mulino
  • is perfect for the Pasta Machines Marcato, Ampia and Atlas line
  • 220 - 240 Volt
  • 50 / 60 Hz
  • Power 100 Watt
  • 2 years warranty


  • Length 15.5 cm
  • Width 12.5 cm
  • Height 19 cm
  • Weight 1.300 Kg

Connecting the Motor Pastadrive

The Motor Pastadrive could be attached in the Oat Rollers - Grain Flakers Marga Mulino and in the Pasta Machines Marcato, without being secured. Although, for safety reasons, we recommend secure them, always, with the special clamp (Pic. 1).

When using the machine for the first time, clean it with a dry cloth to remove any excess oil. To clean the rollers, pass a small quantity of dough through the Pasta Machine Marcato and then throw the dough away. Correspondingly, to clean the rollers of the Oat Roller - Grain Flaker Marga Mulino, pass a small quantity of grains through the rollers and then throw them away.

Instructions for the Motor Pastadrive

To install the Motor Pastadrive, hold it facing upwards by approx 30 ο, so that it hooks onto the holes on the side. Correspondingly, to unattached it, turn the motor downwards at an angle of 30o and pull it outwards (Pic. 4). Before detach it, be sure that the Motor Pastadrive is out of the plug and it is not working.

Before using the Motor Pastadrive, please also check that your house-hold power supply corresponds to that indicated on the motor plate (Pic. 2). Start the motor by setting the switch to position I ( continuous) (Pic 5 - 6).

Instructions for the Motor Pastadrive

Maintenance of the Pastadrive

For the maintenance of the Motor Pastadrive, be sure that you have remove the cable from the plug and that the motor is not attached to the machine. Clean the motor with a soft cloth, after every use (Pic. 8). Do not use water and do not wash it to the dish washer.

Every fix that the electrical parts are need, must be done by authorised staff. Unauthorized persons ar not allowed to have access to the inside of the motor.

Based to the European Union laws, the electrical product must be collected at special recycling bins.

64.50 €
15.50 €
80.00 €

The Product is Available. You can read in details the Cost of Transportation, as well as the Methods of Shipping and Payment, here.

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