Spider Ladles

The Spider Ladle Spoons are special designed spoons with mesh, ideal for frying, for easier drying and washing off foods. Also, it is very useful during the production of cheese. The Spider Ladle Spoons are also known as Mesh Strainer Spoons, Spiral Mesh Skimmer Spoons, Spider Spoons with Mesh for Frying.

We have Strainer Steel Spider Ladle Spoons and Tinned Spider Ladle Spoons. You can find Tinned Spider Ladle with Dense mesh and Tinned Spider Ladle with Sparse mesh.

The Spider Ladle Spoons that we have can be extremely useful for daily use. They are suitable for domestic and professional use. The materials that they are made of are durable and have resistance on time. Their special handle helps to storage it not only inside cupboards but also they can be hanged. Their beautiful design is perfect object in your kitchen if you choose to hang it.

The Spider Ladle Spoon that we have are of excellent quality and appropriate for conduct with food. There are wide range in sizes of Spider Spoons in order to choose the best one in big quantities of food or small. In our shop we have wide range to choose the more suitable according to your needs.

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