Aluminium Bread Baskets Silver

Aluminium Bread Basket No20 Silver

SM0482, Aluminium Bread Basket No20 Silver, Excellent Quality, Made of Pure Aluminium, Lightweight, Appropriate for Contact with Food, Perfect for Breads & Pastries, Suitable for Domestic & Professional Use. 

Product Details...

The Aluminium Bread Baskets Silver are perfect to carry and serve different types of breads and pastries. They are ideal for bread, buns, toasted bread, rusks, croissants, bagels, cookies, biscuits as well as for any sweet or savory pastries. Also, they are lightweight and rust-resistant. The Aluminium Bread Baskets Silver are traditional addition to every home kitchen as well as to taverns, restaurants, catering businesses and hotels.

In our shop you can find a wide range of Aluminium Bread Baskets Silver, in different sizes. Choose among Aluminium Bread Baskets Silver No20, No22 or No26, depending on your needs. The Aluminium Bread Baskets Silver are made in Greece, entirely of pure aluminium. They are appropriate for contact with food and have all the necessary certificates and ISO. The Aluminium Bread Baskets Silver are suitable for both domestic and professional use.

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