We supply Tomato Squeezers, Inox Stock Pots, Copper Pots, Flour Mills, Dehydrators, Cast Iron Cookware, Oil Screw Presses, Pasteurizers, Cheese Molds, Gas Appliances, Ceramic Cookware, Professional Knives.

We also supply Meat Mincers, Pasta Makers, Cream Separators, Milling Machines, Copper Cookware, Nuts Crushers, Meat Mixers, Kneading Machines, Fireplace Accessories, Aluminium Stock Pots, Decorative Ceramic Pots, Snow Shovels, Knife Sharpeners, Cherry Stoners, Butter Churners, Sprayers, Top Quality Pans, Food Stirrers and many other products. We constantly upgrade our variety of products. All our products are of top quality, have the best prices and are given with guarantee.

We send our products all over the world. Either by courier, or by post, or by transport companies for heavier shippings. We accept payments either by cash on delivery (inland), or by credit and debit cards, or by bank deposit, or by paypal.

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