Aluminium Loaf Pans

Aluminium Loaf Pan Rectangle No25

SM0111, Aluminium Loaf Pan Rectangle No25, Excellent Quality, Made of Clear Aluminium, Non-Stick, Rust-Resistant, Lightweight & Practical, Quick Heat Transfer, Perfect to Bake Sweet or Savory Cakes, Ideal for Every Type of Oven, Excellent for Domestic and Professional Use. 

Product Details...

The Aluminium Loaf Pans are perfect to bake breads, sweet or savory cakes, meat or vegetable loafs and anything you like. Also, they can be used to shape traditional greek semolina halvah, panna cotta, rice or anything you can imagine. The Aluminium Loaf Pans are made in Greece, entirely of clear aluminium, appropriate for contact with food. Moreover, they are great to bake in every type of oven, as they quickly transfer heat to their contents.

In our shop you can find a wide range of Aluminium Loaf Pans Rectangle, in different sizes, to choose that suit your needs. All the Aluminium Loaf Pans are suitable for both domestic and professional use.