Aluminium Pots Professional

The Aluminium Pots Professional or Aluminium Casseroles are great for quick and delicious cooking. By professional, we mean that the pots are made of thick aluminium foil, therefore they are more robust and suitable for continuous, heavy and demanding use. Of course this does not mean that they cannot be used for home use as well. Also, because they are made of thicker aluminium foil, they can be used in electric hobs. The Aluminium Pots Professional are also known as Casseroles, Marmites, Stockpots, Kettles, Sauce Pots, Soup Pots or Stewpot. However, whatever you call them, we have them!

The Aluminium Pots Professional are perfect to cook, you favorite food, quick and easy. They are ideal to boil water, milk, honey, jam, preserve, syrups, tripes soups, pork rinds, soups and every food or dessert that needs casserole. Many people, prefer them to boil milk and make cheese. The aluminium is a good conductor of heat, so it warms up quickly, keeps its temperature constant, and evenly distributes heat both to the bottom and their walls. The Aluminium Pots Professional transfer the heat, quickly and uniformly to their contents. Also, when they removed of the hobs, they cool faster, preventing over-baking or soggy the food. The Aluminium Pots Professional can be used in every type of flame: wood, charcoal or gas as well as in electric hobs. There are also suitable for all ovens such as: wood-fired ovens, gas ovens and electric ovens.

In our shop you can find a wide range of Aluminium Pots Professional. We have available Aluminium Pots Professional Collection 1 and Aluminium Pots Professional Hammered in different sizes and different capacity, to choose that suits your needs. The Aluminium Pots Professional are made in Greece, entirely of pure aluminium. They are appropriate for contact with food and have all the necessary certificates and ISO. The Aluminium Pots Professional are one-piece construction, i.e. seamless without welds. Also, the handles are riveted in the main body, so they will never break down. The Aluminium Pots Professional have rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant and last forever. They are suitable for use in restaurants, pizzeria, bakeries, hotels, catering and every eating establishment.

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