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Clay Loaf Pan Beige

Clay Loaf Pan Beige
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Clay Loaf Pan Beige RT0069

Made in Europe

The Clay Loaf Pan Beige is perfect to bake bread, sweet or savory cakes, meat-loaf, vegetables and every recipe you like. The Clay Loaf Pan Beige is a rectangular ceramic bake pan which has all the advantages of the clay dutch oven. The Clay Loaf Pan is also known as Clay Bread Pan, Clay Rectangular Dutch Oven, Clay Cake Pan, Ceramic Loaf Pan, Ceramic Bread Pan, Ceramic Rectangular Dutch Oven, Ceramic Cake Pan, Fireproof Loaf Pan, Fireproof Bread Pan, Fireproof Rectangular Dutch Oven or Fireproof Cake Pan. However, whatever you call it, we have it!

Clay Loaf Pans with Bread

The Clay Loaf Pan Beige is perfect to cook on traditional oven, gas oven, stove oven, electrical oven or microwave. Also, the Clay Loaf Pan Beige is ideal for simmering on the flame, open camping fire, fireplace, wood-burning stove or gas stove. It is very important to remember that it is not allowed to use on the electric cooking hob as well as the rapid temperature changes which can cause cracks. The Clay Loaf Pan Beige is suitable both for domestic and for professional use.

The Clay Loaf Pan Beige is the ideal cookware for cooking the food slowly, in its juice with minimal fluids, keeping intact all vitamins, trace elements and perfumes. Thanks to uniform heat distribution and hot air flow, the food ingredients are mixed and tenderized without dried. Using the Clay Loaf Pan Beige you will transform any recipe into a delicious meal. Caution!! Anyone who eats once does not eat from elsewhere again!!

Clay Loaf Pan

The Clay Loaf Pan Beige is made in Greece, for the Dimtsas Company, by experienced and skilled craftsmen. The Clay Loaf Pan Beige is made of clay and it is glazed inside and outside. Both clay and glaze are made of materials suitable for food contact, lead-free and cadmium-free. They are certified by our own laboratories as well as by the EFET laboratory, according to European Union specifications. The Clay Cocotte - One Pot Meal No1 Beige has fired at 1.100 °C and is resistant to high temperature, without limits.

  • Certified Clay.
  • Approved Glazed, Inside & Outside.
  • Fired at 1.100 °C.
  • Suitable for contact with food.
  • Perfect to cook on traditional oven, gas oven, stove oven, electrical oven or microwave.
  • Ideal for cooking on the flame, open camping fire, fireplace, wood-burning stove or gas stove.
  • It is not allowed to be used on an Electric Cooking Hob.
  • Appropriate for Domestic and Professional Use.
  • Capacity: ml.


  • Length with Handles: 27.5 cm
  • Width Outside: 12 cm
  • Length Up Inside: 22.4 cm
  • Width Up Inside: 10 cm
  • Length Bottom Inside: 20.5 cm
  • Width Bottom Inside: 8 cm
  • Length Bottom Outside: 20 cm
  • Width Bottom Outside: 9 cm
  • Height Inside: 6 cm
  • Height Outside: 7.3 cm
  • Weight: 900 gr.
  • Capacity: 1.300 ml.

Useful Tips for Proper Use

    • Before the first five uses we follow the upcoming procedure: One hour before start cooking we sink the Clay Dutch Oven into the water for 45 minutes. In this way the pores of the Clay Dutch Oven will fill with water. After 45 minutes, we remove it, we dry it in order not to drip and we cook immediatly without letting it to dry.
    • Cook only over low heat.
    • Never put the Clay Dutch Oven on the heat without content.
    • Never put the Clay Dutch Oven on the electric hob.
    • The first seven - eight times that we use the Clay Dutch Oven should be washed only with hot water and soda. Generally, do not use detergents nor dishwasher.
    • The Clay Dutch Oven must dry very well, before store.
    • Attention to the rapid temperature changes.

    Traditional Recipes in Clay Cookware

    Recipe of Bread Baking in Clay Cookware

    A recipe made from another ages, maintaining the tradition in nowadays. It will enchant you. It will blow the mind off elders as well as youngsters, bringing smells from another age. This specific recipe brings vibes from Italy and more specific from Napolitan finesse and taste. In Italy they call it Pane Cafone where it was the country in which firstly created it and tasted it. The name of the bread translates as the bread of the country people. Prepare yourself with Italian temperament to offer in a family or in a friendly dinner the most tasteful clay cookware bread.

    380 gr. flour for bread (there is flour that it is recommended especially for bread or you can choose a hard white flour) 3 gr recent yeast around 250 ml warm water (attention not very hot but also not very cold because the yeast not to clot) 7 gr. salt (or if it is easier for you to count it with spoon, you add one dessert spoon totally full)

    For implementation of the recipe:
    In a big and convenient bowl we put the flour. Not all of the quantity but 300 gr. We pour it in a circular way and leave the middle empty. In this empty space in the middle we will pour the mixture of the yeast.
    With a spoon and with soft circular movements we mix it.
    We leave this bowl for a little bit, and in a clean bowl we pour the remaining flour. We mix them softly until we see that the mixture is totally mixed and the salt is evenly throw out the mixture. We take this bowl and we pour it in the other bowl. This mixture has not to be totally tight. If you see that it is tight little by little pour small drops of water until it will not be so tight.
    This step will take a little time because you have to cover it with membrane and leave the mixture for a day to have a rest.
    The next day in a semi flour surface we transfer the mixture and we fold it two or three times. We create a big ball.
    We cover it with a towel and we wait for two hours. After an hour from the moment that we had created the circular dough and before we uncover the dough, we switch on the oven to preheat in 220 degrees in the air mode. We put also the clay cookware in the oven without the lid. In this specific clay dutch oven the bread will have enough space to inflate to be fluffy and fragrant so much that you can not even imagine.
    After two hours of waiting for our delicious mixture, we remove the clay dutch oven from the oven, we put greaseproof paper and we pour the dough inside the paper.
    With a knife we cut three slashes in dough's surface and we cover the clay dutch oven with the lid. We put the clay dutch oven in the bottom shelf of the oven. As lower as it is, it is better for the dough.
    For a half hour (30 minutes) we bake it with the lid and fill our home with pleasant smells of another age. After we bake for a quatre of an hour (15 minutes) without lid.
    We remove the clay dutch oven from the oven and we wait for ten minutes before removing the food from the utensil. During waiting, the smell will amaze you and you can not wait the moment that you will taste the excellent rustic bread which you have created with few ingredients and with the clay dutch oven of excellent quality.
    After ten minutes you can remove the bread and prepare your dinner.

11.70 €
2.80 €
14.50 €

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