Coffee pots

Coffee pots are an essential utensil for every household as well as for every coffee shop or cafe. Inside these pots, you can prepare your beloved Greek coffee as well as other coffees or teas, while of course, all sorts of beverages can be brewed. Coffee pots are a significant part of Greek tradition, as their enlarged bottom and narrow neck are the trademark for creating the perfect froth for a flavorful Greek coffee. Handy and small devices that simultaneously serve all kinds of needs for boiling any beverage, make coffee pots ideal for every kitchen.

In our store, you will find a plethora of options for coffee pots, in all sizes, and made of all materials. Aluminum coffee pots, copper coffee pots, brass coffee pots, bronze coffee pots, stone coffee pots, clay coffee pots, and enamel-coated ones. Whatever your need, whether you are a household, cafe, coffee shop, or professional kitchen. The coffee pots you will purchase from our store are all suitable for food contact and come with the necessary certifications and ISO, making them suitable for professional kitchens and businesses.

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