Biscuits Machines Imperia

Cookie Press Imperia

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IM0120, Cookie Press Imperia, Excellent Quality, Made Entirely of Aluminium, Ease of Use, 14 Disks for Biscuits or Cookies, 4 Nozzles for Filling, Garnishing or Decorating, Suitable for Contact with Food, 5 Years Warranty. 

Product Details...

The Biscuits Machines Imperia are perfect to prepare, quick and easy, homemade biscuits in many different shapes. The Biscuits Machines Imperia are ideal to make biscuits and cookies, in 14 different shapes. Also, the Biscuits Machines Imperia have 4 different nozzles for cream, whipped cream or ice cream that are suitable for filling, garnishing or decorating you creations. The Biscuits Machines Imperia are also known as Biscuit Machines, Cookie Presses, Biscuit Presses, Biscuit Extruders, Cookie Extruders, Biscuit Makers or as Cookie Makers. However; whatever you call them, we have them!

The Biscuits Machines Imperia are made in Italy, entirely of aluminium, appropriate for contact with food. The Biscuits Machines Imperia have ergonomic handle and are very easy to use and to clean. The Biscuits Machines Imperia thanks to the excellent quality and to the sturdy construction will last for a lifetime, without the slightest problem. The Biscuits Machines Imperia are suitable for both home and professional use.

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