Demijohns with Spigots

Demijohn 54 Liters with Spigot

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75.00 €
VP0008, Demijohn 54 Liters with Spigot, Glass Bottle with Narrow Neck, Protective Plastic Basket, Sturdy, Handy & Easy Carrying, Spigot for Easy Use, Suitable for Contact with Food, Perfect to Store Liquids, Great for Wine, Olive Oil, Water, Vinegar, Alcohol and other Beverages. 

Product Details...

The Demijohns with Spigots are perfect to store wine, olive oil, vinegar, alcohol and other beverages. The Demijohns with Spigots are Demijohns with Narrow Neck and Spigot for ease use.

The Demijohns with Spigots are made in Italy and are appropriate for contact with food. The Demijohns with Spigots consist of the Glass Bottle and the Plastic Basket. The glass bottle is of high purity glass and it is one of the best way to storage liquids and alcohol. The Plastic Basket has sturdy handles for handy and safe carrying of the glass bottle. The Demijohn with Spigot has a spigot and a small door thats protect spigot. The Demijohns with Spigots are suitable for both Domestic and Professional Use.

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