Gas - Electric - Piezoelectric Lighters

Φιαλίδια για Γέμισμα Αναπτήρων Υγραερίου

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LI0200, Φιαλίδια Κατάλληλα για Γέμισμα Όλων των Αναπτήρων Φλόγας - Υγραερίου. 

Product Details...

In our shop you will find a wide range of Gas - Electric - Piezoelectric Lighters. All Lighters that we suggest have modern shapes and a range of colors. Also, we can supply you with the Gas Lighter Refill.

All the Gas Lighters that we provide are refillable The Electric Lighters work with batteries, that you can change when they finish. While Piezoelectric Lighters, are operated by pressing a button, they have a very strong spark and never end!

All Gas - Electric - Piezoelectric - Lighters are perfect for Gas Equipment, Candles and Tealight.

All Gas - Electric - Piezoelectric Lighters we supply are of excellent quality.

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