Plastic Gklitses or Klitses

Hard Plastic or Gklitses with Mountain Carving

Hard Plastic or Gklitses with Embossed Carvings

The Plastic Gklitses or Klitses that we have are made from excellent quality hard plastic. They are traditional items and they are used by herdsmen and by old people. They are items of great traditional value which will offer you memories from your favorite people. They are the support of herdsmen during their climbing up or down a hillside and also a support for old people. The head of the Gklitsa has hooked shape so that the shepherd can catch the animal ever from the leg or from collar and immobilize them.

In our shop we offer a wide variety of hard plastic Gklitses many different kinds of wood, metallics and bronze. The Plastic Gklitses or Klitses are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes.

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