Hydraulic Bottle Washer

Μηχανισμός Καθαρισμού Μπουκαλιών

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SS0002, Μηχανισμός Καθαρισμού Μπουκαλιών, Άριστη Ποιότητα. 

Product Details...

The Hydraulic Bottle Washer we suggest is of excellent quality. The Hydraulic Bottle Washer can guarantee a perfect and an accurate cleaning of your bottles. The Hydraulic Bottle Washer is also known as Professional Bottle Washer, Professional Hydraulic Bottle Washer, Hydraulic Cleaner, Hydraulic Bottle Washer or as Washing Bottles Machine; however, whatever you call it, we have it!

The Hydraulic Bottle Washer is the perfect way to clean your small or big bottles, magnum bottles, cylindrical containers and vases.

The Hydraulic Bottle Washer has been constructed with a very advanced technology. It works exclusively with the water pressure, that activates the internal turbine which moves the rotating cleaning brushes.

The Hydraulic Bottle Washer can be used anywhere with a normal water supply connection. It does not need electricity, batteries or fuels. In this way the Hydraulic Bottle Washer can guarantee maximum safety, since there is no risk of the electricity coming into contact with water.

The Hydraulic Bottle Washer operates with water pressure at 1.5 to 3.5 bar and max water temperature at 45 oC. It does not need any type of maintenance / service and you will have it for many years.

The Hydraulic Bottle Washer can guarantee the maximum hygiene, quick and easy.

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