Knife Sterilizers

Knife Sterilizer UV with Magnet

SKU FM0065
342.70 €
82.30 €
425.00 €
FM0065, Knife Sterilizer UV with Magnet, Electric, UV-C Lamp, Stainless Steel Cabinet, Adjustable Timer: 0-120 Minutes, Magnetic Bar, Up to 12 Knives or Sharpeners, Perfect to Sterilize or to Disinfect, Ideal for Knives and Sharpeners. 

Product Details...

The Knife Sterilizers we offer are perfect, professional equipment, to sterilize or to disinfect, knives and sharpeners. The Knife Sterilizers are electric devices, great to kill germs, microorganisms and bacteria. Also, Knife Sterilizers are fully comply with CE regulations for the safety and hygiene.

The Knife Sterilizers we have are reliable, secure and easy to use. The Knife Sterilizers are necessary to the butcher shop, super markets, hotels, restaurants, grills, meat and cold cuts industry and food industry.

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