Mortars and Pestles

The Mortars and Pestles are of the oldest tools that have survived. The Mortars and Pestles have been used, up to the present, both for cooking and for pharmacy.

The Mortars and Pestles are tools that no modern kitchen should be without. The Mortar and Pestle are the appropriate tools to mash and to grind spices and herbs in a natural way, and to bring out the essential oils and flavor essences of them.

The Mortars and Pestles are very simple, do not require power and you can clean them quick and easy.

The Mortars and Pestles we offer are of different shapes and sizes. In our shop you can find Mortars and Pestles made of different materials. You can find bronze mortars, wooden mortars, stone mortars, marble mortars and wooden mortars small.

You can choose the Mortar and Pestle that suits your needs and your personal style.

The Mortar and Pestle Sets, that we suggest are of excellent quality and you will have them for a lifetime!

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