Sausage Fillers

Γεμιστικό για Λουκάνικα Joint 3

SKU FM0090
152.40 €
36.60 €
189.00 €
FM0090, Γεμιστικό για Λουκάνικα Joint 3, Εξολοκλήρου Μεταλλική, Κύλινδρος INOX, Σφίξιμο χωνιού με μία κίνηση. 

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Γεμιστικό για Λουκάνικα Lucy 5

SKU FM0080
197.60 €
47.40 €
245.00 €
FM0080, Γεμιστικό για Λουκάνικα Lucy 5, Εξολοκλήρου Μεταλλική, Κύλινδρος INOX. 

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Χωνιά για Λουκανικομηχανές

SKU FM0096
5.20 €
1.30 €
6.50 €
FM0096, Χωνιά για Λουκανικομηχανές, 4 πάχη λουκάνικων. 

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Χωνιά για Λουκανικομηχανές τύπου Joint

SKU FM0097
3.90 €
0.90 €
4.80 €
FM0097, Χωνιά για Λουκανικομηχανές τύπου Joint, 4 πάχη λουκάνικων. 

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The Sausage Fillers we suggest are of excellent quality. Choose among the Manual or Electric Sausage Filler, the Sausage Machine that suits your needs.

All Sausage Fillers that we suggest are ideal to fill sausages and salami, with an added bonus that you control the ingredients.

Would you like to make traditional Salami and Sausages? In our shop, you will find everything you need, Sausage Fillers, Meat Mincers and a Set of Sausage Funnels, to start making your own sausages at home.

The Set of Sausage Funnels, which is appropriate for Sausage Fillers, includes 4 funnels of different thickness. The Filling Funnels have nozzle sizes 1, 2, 3 & 4 cm, so you can fill your fresh sausage and salami in different thickness.

With the Sausage Filler and the Set of Sausage Funnels, making Salami and Sausages has never been easier!

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