Metallic Galvanized Scoops

The Metallic Galvanized Scoops are small metal shovels suitable for bulk products. The Metallic Galvanized Scoops are perfect nuts scoops, coffee beans scoops, sugar scoops, flour scoops, cereal scoops, legumes scoops, crushed ice scoops, ice cube scoops, pop-corn scoops, candy scoops, sweet scoops and general as dry food scoops. Also, the Metallic Galvanized Scoops are ideal as pills scoops, pet food scoops, scoops for seeds, vegetables, flowers or lawn and anything you can imagine. The Metallic Galvanized Scoops can be used in any domestic or professional kitchen, in bakeries, pastry shops, cafes, bars, coffee grinder's, restaurants, catering, pharmacies, grocery stores, stores with agricultural supplies, pet shops and veterinary clinics.

In our shop, you can find a wide range of Metallic Galvanized Scoops, in different sizes and shapes, to choose that suit your needs. The Metallic Galvanized Scoops are made in Greece and they are entirely handmade, of metallic galvanized sheet. This means that the metal has been specially treated to become galvanized so they are rust-resistant! The Metallic Galvanized Scoops have ergonomic handle for easy use and they are appropriate for contact with food. Also, they are lightweight and you will have them for many years. They are suitable for both home and professional use.

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