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Τσεκούρι Γενικής Χρήσης με Ξύλινο Στυλιάρι 1750 gr

SKU BL0023
14.90 €
3.60 €
18.50 €
BL0023, Τσεκούρι Γενικής Χρήσης με Ξύλινο Στυλιάρι gr, Δεν Σπάει και δεν Στραβώνει, Ατσάλι Υψηλής Ποιότητας, Άριστη Κατασκευή. 

Product Details...

All the Splitting and Cutting Axes we supply, are of excellent quality. The Splitting and Cutting Axes, are the simplest and the most useful tools for outdoor uses.

The Splitting and Cutting Axes is one of the oldest tools that have survived the centuries. Used to cut, split and chop wood.

The Splitting and Cutting Axes have different sizes and design, depending on the purpose of use. In our shop we have a wide range of Splitting and Cutting Axes to choose the one that suits your needs.

You can choose Axes with Nerve, with Wooden or Fiberglass handle, Axe Talabot Type, Axe Classic Type, Splitting Wedges, Handmade Head Axe, Hatchets, Splitting Maul or Axe for General Use. However, whichever Axe you need, we have it!

The Splitting and Cutting Axes we supply are of excellent quality and will make splitting and cutting, a game!

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