Tomato Squeezers - Tomato Milling Machines

All the Tomato Squeezers - Tomato Milling Machines we supply are of excellent quality. The tomato squeezing machines are also known as tomato milling machines, tomato press, tomato juicers or as it is known in Italy, spremipomodoro; however, whatever you call it, we have it. From traditional manual machines to electric machines, we offer you a wide range of selections, to suit your needs, with the highest quality brand name products.

Either you have kilos of tomatoes or you need to squeeze - mill tones of tomatoes, we have the right tomato machine for you. Our Tomato Squeezers - Tomato Milling Machines will help you squeeze - mill your tomatoes quick and easy.

The Tomato Squeezers can also mill fruits such as apricots, peaches, apples, pears, oranges, tangerines, grapes, peppers, sea-buckthorn, prickly pears and a lot more, so as to make juices and jams.

Many of our Tomato Milling Machines with extra attachments can be converted into Meat Grinders. With these meat grinders, except for grinding meat, you can also fill sausages, produce burgers and many shapes of cookies.

We have both electric and manual Tomato Squeezers. For both of these categories we have all the spare parts you may need.

In the Product details of each tomato squeezer, you can watch many videos in which we present how these machines work. In these videos you can see how these machines squeeze tomatoes and how they are transformed into meat grinders, with which we fill sausages and produce burgers and cookies.

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