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Takaje Valve

Takaje Valve
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Takaje Valve FM0435

Made in Europe

The Takaje Valve is an innovated system for packing foods in vacuum. The Takaje Valve is a small red diskette that revolutionizes the concept of food preservation. In Piedmontese dialect, its name means "we made it"! The Takaje Valve is an idea that combines convenience, savings, simplicity of use and a sensitivity to the environment, transforming any glass container, new or already used, into a perfect vacuum container.

The Takaje Valve can combined either with the electrical Vacuum Sealers Machines Takaje or with the manual Vacuum Pumps Takaje to remove atmospheric air from the packaging and extending the shelf life of food, keeping its taste and nutrients intact. The Takaje Valve is ideal to create vacuum in any glass jar (new or already used) with metal lid. Also, the Takaje Valve can create vacuum in metal or plastic vacuum boxes for food. Lastly, the Takaje Valve with the Takaje Bottle Cap can preserve the organoleptic qualities of non-carbonated beverages and wines of all types, for a long time. Extends the preservation period up to 5 times and is compatible with the most common bottles sizes.

The Takaje Valve is perfect to pack in vacuum meat, fishes, vegetables, fruits, cheese, dairy products, cold cuts, nuts, legumes, fresh pasta, spices, bakery products and much more. The Takaje Valve is suitable for fresh, processed or cooked food preservation. Also, the Takaje Valve is ideal for packaging food in liquid form. The vacuum packing food, depending on their type, will be stored in the cupboard, kitchen pantry, in the refrigerator or in the freezer.

Takaje Valve

The Takaje Valve is one of the innovative Tre Spade products. The Takaje Valve designed by andriano design and created in Turin. It is entirely made in Italy, of rubber and carbon. The Takaje Valve is a small and easy to use vacuum diskette. The special rubber sealing strips adhere to the surface of the lid and allow a perfect vacuum sealing. The Takaje Valve is made of rubber appropriate for food use. The carbon harpoon fits securely on the metal surface. Once inserted, the Takaje Valve becomes part of the metal lid.

The Tre Spade products have designed for professionals and lovers of catering. The Tre Spade products are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. The Tre Spade Company has been active since 1894 in the field of kitchen tools and machines. The three crossed swords (Tre Spade) have become the trademark for Tre Spade products, when they decorated one of the first Italian coffee grinders designed by company engineers at the beginning of the last century. The Tre Spade products are characterized by their design, quality, reliability and superior functionality. The Tre Spade products are appreciated in more than 60 countries worldwide, making Tre Spade a global benchmark in the field of kitchen machines.

Takaje Valve

  • Innovative system.
  • Small Size.
  • Reusable.
  • Designed for any Glass Jars (new or used) with Metal Lid.
  • Combined both with Vacuum Sealers Machines Takaje and Takaje Vacuum Pumps.
  • Food Shelf Life Extended by 3 to 5 Times.
  • Perfect for Food Vacuum Packing.
  • Ideal for any Jars with Metal Lids, Bottles or Vacuum Boxes for Food.
  • Suitable for Domestic and Professional Use.
  • To see the Illustrated User Booklet Takaje, click here.
  • To see the Illustrated Catalog Takaje, click here.
  • The Packing contains 5 Takaje Valves.
  • Warranty: 1 Year.


  • Diameter: 2.4 cm
  • Height: 0.8 cm
  • Weight: 5 gr

Takaje Valve

For optimal use of the Takaje Valve follow the instruction below:

  • Use the Takaje Valve only on hermetically sealed glass jars with a metal lid.
  • Use the piercing function only once for each Takaje Valve.
  • Do not use jars if the glass edge is cracked or chipped.
  • Do not use distorted or scratched lids or wholly or partially covered by sticker labels (in this case the lid must firstly be cleaned)
  • Keep the edge of the jar clean (if necessary wipe with a tissue)
  • To obtain a perfect vacuum and prevent the appearance of rust over time, keep the inside and outside of the lid perfectly clean, particularly the area where the valve is positioned (if necessary wipe with a tissue).
  • Do no use the Takaje Valve for preserving food that can generate gas owing to degeneration or the fresh food (for example: beans, courgettes, fresh vegetables in general, etc.): they could eliminate the vacuum in the jar.
  • Do not vacuum seal fizzy drinks: they would lose their sparkle and the container would soon lose its vacuum.
  • Do not subject jars fitted with the valve to sources of heat (microwave ovens, conventional ovens, dish washers, cookers): the valve would be damaged irremediably and if under vacuum, the jar would lose its vacuum.
  • Wash lis fitted with the Takaje Valve by hand.

10.10 €
2.40 €
12.50 €

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