Wooden Barrels for Decoration

Wooden Barrel for Decoration 55x55 cm

NS0107, Wooden Barrel for Decoration 55x55 cm, Excellent Quality, Made of Beech Wood, Handmade, Traditional, Ideal for both Indoor & Outdoor Use, Perfect for Rustic, Traditional Decoration. 

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The Wooden Barrels for Decoration are of excellent quality, traditional, handmade barrels. They can be used as wooden sinks, firewood holders, flower pots, wooden planters or as wooden decorative items as well as for any other use you want.

In our shop you can find a wide range of Wooden Barrels for Decoration, to choose the one that suit your needs. All the Wooden Barrels for Decoration we offer can combine perfectly the tradition, the quality, the usability and the beauty. They are made in Greece and are entirely handmade and also eco-friendly.

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