Cemetery Items

The Cemetery Items also known as Items for Graveyard, Memorial Items, is all the essential items that you will need to for the grave of your loved one. In our shop you can find a wide variety of cemetery candle boxes, vigil oil lamps, ossuaries, as well as metallic storage boxes for cemetery. All of our items are available in wide variety of colors such as : Ecru, Bronze, Copper, Silver, Grey, Brown, as well as Inox which is without any paint.

With the Cemetery Candle Boxes you can place your candles inside so they will stay lit regardless of outside weather conditions. We also provide metallic multi candle holders which you can place inside the cemetery candle boxes for better stabilization of the candles and multiple candles placement. We offer a wide variety of cemetery candle boxes such as : Big Cemetery Candle Boxes, Small Cemetery Candle Boxes, Big Cemetery Candle Boxes with Glass, Small Candle Boxes with Glass, Double Cemetery Candle Boxes, Cemetery Candle Boxes for Sand or Water and Multi Candle Holders.

In our shops Cemetery Items you can also find Ossuaries, which are boxes or cases for keeping the bones of the deceased. Inside them, the remains of your passed relative are placed inside the ossuary after the exhumation of the bones and then placed inside columbarium of the cemetery or it is repositioned inside the family grave. In our shop we have Brass Ossuaries wich are specially custom made, with elaborate engravings that decorates the ossuary and provide the best possible last eternal residence for your loved one. In addition the Wooden Ossuaries which we have are made from excellent quality wood that remains intact. A wide range of metallic ossuaries with felt or without will help you to decide wich one will serve you the best.

One another important item for your grave is to have a storage space for all the items that you will need for the tomb. You can place inside the Metallic Storage Box for Cemeteries the insense burner, the vigil oil lamp, the oil for vigil oil lamp, wicks, coals, lighters, matches, candles, and many cleaning items for the grave. The specific storage boxes that we provide have a two hooks on the front side so you can place a locker and keep your items safe.

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