The Ossuaries are boxes for the placement of the bones inside and afterwards safe keeping in the built ossuary of the cemetery or inside the family crypt. In our shop we have a wide variety of Hand Crafted Brass Ossuaries, Metallic with or without Felt inner coating, as well as Wooden ones. We also provide individual or family ossuaries depending on your needs. The Brass Ossuaries are elaborately hand crafted and decorated with attention to detail. The Metallic Ossuaries with or without Felt are painted with electrostatic paint that does not fade. You will find them available in Ecru, Bronze, Copper, Silver, Grey, Brown hue or inox. The Wooden Ossuaries are without felt, from quality Wood and are decorated with Brass details. All of our Ossuaries have a special case to put a photograph of your loved one and the family ossuaries have two cases for photographs. Our ossuaries are handmade in Greece, with attention and love so you can keep your loved ones inside.

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