Ossuaries Wooden

Wooden Ossuary

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KZ0090, Wooden Ossuary, Bone Placement Box, After the Exhumation the Bones of the Deceased are Placed inside Ossuaries, Important Ecclesiastical Ritual the Exhumation and the Placement Inside the Ossuary, The Priest Washes the Bones of the Deceased with Wine and Water and Afterwards He Places Them Inside the Ossuary, The Ossuary is Placed on a Columbarium or Inside the Family Crypt, It Has a Brass Iconography of Jesus, It Has Case for Pictures of Deceased, It Remains Indestructible. 

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The Ossuaries Metallic Double with Felt are boxes or containers where the remains of your loved ones are placed after their exhumation. The Ossuaries Metallic Double with Felt are family Ossuaries, they have double photo cases in the front side. The placement of the bones in the ossuaries is an important ecclesiastical ritual to honor the memory of the deceased. Also, the remains after the placement inside the ossuary can be placed inside the family crypt or grave.

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