Electric Agitators for Food

Agitator Electrical for Food

SKU MN0039
887.10 €
212.90 €
1100.00 €
MN0039, Agitator Electrical for Food, Preset at 75 rpm, Infinite continuous use, On/Off Switch, Entirely built from Stainless Steel, Appropriate for Milk, Sauces, Jams, Tripes etc, Motor with steel gears and steel reducers, Adjustable length and height so as to fit in every pot-boiler above 75 liters. 

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Κουτάλα Αράχνη

SKU ZX1000
13.30 €
3.20 €
16.50 €
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The Electric Agitators for Food we supply are of excellent quality.

The Electric Agitators for Food are made of Stainless Steel, suitable for contact with food.

The Electric Agitators for Food will help you to stir Milk, Sauces, Jams, Honey, Pork Rind and any food that requires agitation. The Electric Agitators for Food can stir, for unlimited time, nonstop!

The Electric Agitator for Food has an adjustable length and height, so it suits any Cauldron - Stock Pot 50 liters and above. The motor of the Electric Agitator for Food, is powerful and can work nonstop.

For the Electric Agitator for Food we suggest a wide range of Cauldrons - Caldrons - Stock Pots 50 liters and above, to choose the one that suits your needs.

The Electric Agitators for Food we have come with a lifetime warranty!

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