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Clamps Metallic

Clamps Metallic
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Clamps Metallic PB0010

Made in Europe

The Clamps Metallic are perfect to stabilize the Nutcracker - Nut Crusher Steel, on the table or on the counter, without having to drill! They stabilize, very quickly and easily, the Nutcracker - Nut Crusher Steel and they are ideal for surfaces with a maximum thickness of 15 cm. These Clamps Metallic are very stable and thanks to the pads on the clamps do not injure the surfaces. Use the Clamps Metallic and the Nutcracker - Nut Crusher Steel will not slip, during use! The Clamps Metallic are also known as F Style Clamps, Bar Clamps or Clamps for Woodworking. However, whatever you call them, we have them!

The Clamps Metallic are designed for mount the Nutcracker - Nut Crusher Steel, quick and easy. Also, you can use the Clamps Metallic with the special base for mounting the Hand Oil Screw Press. Furthermore, you can use them for stabilize the Nutcracker - Nut Crusher if you do not screw the nutcracker to its wooden base as well as to mount anything you want.

Clamps Metallic

  • Excellent Quality.
  • Stable.
  • Gentle on Table, Counter or WorkBench.
  • Clamps to Surfaces up to 15 cm.
  • Designed for the Nutcracker - Nut Crusher Steel.
  • Suitable for the Nutcracker - Nut Crusher and for the Hand Oil Screw Press.
  • Appropriate for Home & Professional Use.

  • Length: 8 cm.
  • Width: 2.5 cm.
  • Min. Height: 20.5 cm.
  • Max. Height: 33 cm.
  • Clamping Range: up to 15 cm.
  • Weight of Set: 660 gr.
  • Length of Up Pads: 2.8 cm.
  • Width of Up Pads: 2 cm.
  • Diameter of Down Pads: 2.4 cm.
  • Height of Handle: 9 cm.
  • Diameter of Handle: 2 cm.

17.70 €
4.30 €
22.00 €

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