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Oil Lamp Luna

Oil Lamp Luna
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Oil Lamp Luna MR0123

Made in Europe

The Oil Lamp Luna is of excellent quality and is made in Czech Republic. The Oil Lamp Luna is fully functional and can be used for interior lighting and as an excellent accessory for your room! The Oil Lamp is also known as Kerosene Lamp, Paraffin Lamp, Kerosene Lantern, Oil Lantern, Glass Oil Lamp, Glass Kerosene Lamp or Glass Paraffin Lamp; However, whatever you call it, we have it!

There are Czech Oil Lamps on the market, but they have mechanism, ring, burner and glass chimney made in China. At the Oil Lamps we offer, all parts are authentic, of excellent quality and made entirely in the Czech Republic. Also, the Glass Chimney is made of Bohemian glass and is of high clearness!

The Oil Lamp Luna has a glass oil container in which the ring and the burner are screwed. With the burner you can adjust the length of the wick according to how bright you want the flame to be. The Glass Chimney is very resistant, of high clearness and brightness.

The Oil Lamp Luna is the smallest oil lamp of Mars line. It is perfect to used as a cemetery lamp. Also, can be used in cafeterias and restaurants diffusing a warm light, friendly to the eye. You can easily transform the Oil Lamp Luna to electric.

For the Oil Lamp Luna we recommend to use kerosene, paraffin or aromatic oils. Make sure that you use suitable fuel to prevent risk of explosion and fire.


    Oil Lamp:
  • Total Height with the Glass Chimney: 15 cm.
  • Diameter of the Bottom of Glass Oil Container: 5.2 cm.
  • Wide of the Wick: 0.5 cm.
  • Weight: 130 gr.
  • Capacity: 60 ml.
    Glass Chimney:
  • Height: 7 cm.
  • Diameter Bottom Outside: 2.8 cm.
  • Diameter Bottom Inside: 2.6 cm.
  • Diameter Up Outside: 2.7 cm.
  • Diameter Maximum: 5.5 cm.
  • Weight: 22 gr.
Click here to see more clearly the dimensions of the Glass Chimney & Glass Oil Container.

13.30 €
3.20 €
16.50 €

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